I’ve been there…the constant thoughts that revolve around food and your body will literally drive you up the wall and through the roof on any given day. The calorie counting, the comparisonitis and the sudden impulses to hit up the closest drive through, park in a secluded area and plow through that paper bag of greasy goodness after a crappy day at your 9-5. It’s super easy to give into that binge sesh when you’re stressed and unhappy with life…

I know this because I was just there only a few short years ago. I would compare myself to other women online and think to myself…”man, if I just lost some weight and got into shape, my life would be so much better…I’d travel, put myself out there in my business, attend more networking events, rock that cute red dress, sign-up for that dance class, and maybe even find my dream man!”

This resulted in a simple equation…

Negative self-talk + neglected desires ÷ a massive binge = weight gain + shame x a crazy diet = depression (rinse and repeat!)

Here’s the thing gorgeous…

Behind every binge, calorie counted, and self-body shaming thought lies fear, and behind the fear lies your sweetest desires…and it’s my job to help you drop your crazy beliefs around food and your body so you can finally uncover what you’re REALLY hungry for in life and business. Are you ready to make peace with food & your body so you can clear space for bigger and better things in your life?

I know you are, and that’s why I’m so excited to share Unbinge & Unleash Your Inner Boss Babe, a 6-Week Transformational Group Coaching Program that I’ve created to help you drop your limiting beliefs around food & your body, so you can start experiencing a FULL life and business that lights you up every single day!

“Shauna helped me so much with understanding my relationship with my body. For so many years, I had struggled with accepting my body, but through Shauna, I have come so far in loving myself exactly how I am. Shauna has shared with me her words of wisdom, her inspiration, and her authentic experiences – all of which have been so helpful!”

Lori Weiss, Raw Vegan Coach 

Each week we will cover new material to get you on track to ending your food & body struggles. There’ll be homework & exercises to help you shift your mindset and limiting beliefs around food & your body, so you can finally pursue your true happiness in life & business…

Weeks 1-3: UNBINGE

WEEK 1 – We uncover all the reasons behind your binge/emotional eating & Negative Self-Talk. We dive into the tools to help you dig deeper, explore the root cause and actually break down those limiting beliefs around food and your body.

WEEK 2 – This week is everything mind, body, soul and learning how to heal your food & body struggles with intuitive techniques that will guide you in embracing a brand new mindset and outlook on life.

WEEK 3 – Let’s talk desires & what it is you REALLY want out of life. What’s holding you back? What are you putting on hold and what are the first steps to unleashing your power.

Weeks 4-6: UNLEASH

WEEK 4 – We cover why the world needs your gifts (just as you are right now) and how you can serve others with your gifts and create a life of your wildest dreams, by doing what you love the most, despite the fear and insecurity.

WEEK 5 – Let’s meet your inner Boss Babe! This week you’re going to get super clear on your goals and what you’re ready to take action on, despite your insecurities and fear. There’ll be a lot of business-related topics but if you’re not ready to talk business, that’s OKAY! Unleashing your Inner Boss Babe means so much more than just building a business…it’s about how you step into your power and show up every single day for yourself.

WEEK 6 – She’s Unleashed (your inner Boss Babe) and it’s time to show you what she can do. This is the week where we talk about strategies and next steps. How will you use your new found passion to drive you into a healed and happier version of you. We cover the deeper importance of taking good care of her (not just body, but mind too). How to handle the up’s and downs of your journey by understanding the bigger picture of who you are and why you’re here. Be prepared to feel so empowered this week, and throughout your entire journey from here on out!

  6 Live Group Coaching Calls 

 Recordings of each live call that you can keep forever

 Four Private 45-Min 1-ON-1 Food & Body Confidence Coaching Calls With Shauna  

 Two Private 60-Min 1-ON-1 Business & Branding Strategy/”Clarify Your Desire” Coaching Calls With Shauna

 6 Weekly meditation recordings and affirmations to help you drop the binge, insecurities, and fear so you can finally start experiencing a FULL life & business. 

 AN EXCLUSIVE Private Facebook Group for ongoing support!


 BONUS: A Copy Of Shauna Sincerely’s Mindful Grocery List Food Guide 

 BONUS: Free Lifetime access to the Instagram Makeover & Conversion Kit to help you scale your business on Instagram when you’re ready! (Value: $997)

 BONUS: 24/7 Voice Note Support via Facebook Voice Messenger/Or email support



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