2017 is your year

Underneath all of that hurt and hidden emotion is a women who knows what she wants. She desires nothing but love, laughter, happiness and freedom. It’s time to really dig deep and finally unravel the truth behind your struggles with food and your body. –And Fearless Girl, I’m here for you to hold your hand a long the way. With my shovel in the other hand, we’ll dig deeper than ever before!

With me, strip away

We’ll really figure out what the deal is when it comes to your emotional eating habits, negative self-talk and those self-sabotaging cycles. It’s completely possible to do this on your own— I did it all on my own, and looking back, I wish I’d stumbled upon a coach like myself to walk me through the journey and help me along the way so I could speed up the process and get to where I am today… but, just a lot quicker.

Since strengthening my relationship with my food and body, my life has completely changed.

not afraid to shine

Today I can say I actually enjoy food and appreciate it, without the expectations of comfort followed by euphoria, then followed by guilt attached to that enjoyment. I love my body! I love every curve, every squish and every “flaw” about it.


→ One 60min Coaching Call (via Google Hangouts) every week.

→ Step-by-step plans to free you from dieting, food obsessions, and your inner mean girl critic.

→ Weekly meditations at the end of every call.

→ Access to my Mindful PIE (Plant-based Intuitive Eating) Meal Plan.

→ Weekly links to all resources that have helped guide me through my food and body journey.

→ Weekly mantras and inspiration, delivered to your inbox weekly to keep you focused on your outcome.

→ A Free Copy of my Complimentary Fearless Girl Grocery Store Checklist.

→ 24-hour email support, during office hours.



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