When was the last time you treated yourself? Like really treated yourself?! We all have so much going on, and sometimes we can forget about ourselves.

But have you ever stopped to think that constant “forgetfulness” = Not a priority.

You make everything else in your life a priority, but what about you? I recently shared a video in The PIE Tribe about truly putting yourself first, and the feedback was crazy. So many of us ladies don’t treat ourselves as great as we are treat others. It’s time to start treating yourself like your best friend, your boyfriend or whoever else you’d most likely do anything for.

So here are 5 very doable ways you can start pampering yourself today!

1.Go To The Spa!

Trust me, you can totally afford it. Head over to Groupon and find a good discount if the funds are an issue. You deserve a good rub down. Not only is this therapeutic but treating yourself to a nice massage can leave you feeling less tense and ready to conqure your week ahead.


2. Groom Those Claws

Get your nails done ladies! I’m not saying you need to get a full set of 4 Inch long acrylics (if that’s not your thing), but at least keep up with a weekly $15 polish change. Think about how much you spend on food eating out. Seeing your nails pop with pizazz is going to lift your spirits…trust me!


3. Netflix & Chill

Sometimes we just need to really unwind. By nature, we were taught that as females we need to keep things moving. Do the laundry, Make breakfast for the boo/kids, feed the dog, go to school, go to work, clean the house, finish the dishes…and I haven’t even mentioned the maintanence that goes into being a female in general. You have to take that time to sloooooow it down. Even Olivia Pope needs a get away every now and then.


4. Ladies Night

Ladies night is a great way to some really good laughter in. Science shows that laughing instantly lifts your mood. Also, you don’t have to do all the work to host a ladies night. Have each of your girlfriends bring their fave homemade dish over. You bring the wine, and voila…it’s a date!


5. Lights, Camera, Action

If you’ve never done a photo-shoot before, you gotta try it! It’s almost life changing…and that might sound a little dramatic, but I swear a photoshoot for yourself will have you feeling all types of ways. I remember doing my very first photoshoot and I saw myself in a completely different light. I felt sooooo good (on the inside and out). Sometimes we just need the spotlight on us! After all, we’re worth it right?!


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Light x Love,

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