Hey Gorgeous,

I remember so clearly when I used to put everyone BUT myself first. There were even times when I’d make plans to do something for ME and then suddenly cancel them in order to be there for someone else as if my own commitments weren’t as important.

So many times, we put our friends, family, and co-workers first, and just completely throw our own stuff out the window. You know that one coworker that always has an emergency and guilts you into taking their shift even though you so badly wanted to attend that cool networking event???…or how about that needy friend or family member that wants to call you up for every little thing, leaving you too drained to even bother with what you were originally doing before they called.

Here’s the thing, I had ZERO non-negotiables when it came to things revolving around self-care and my business. Self-care was not a priority for me and I was basically treating my business like a hobby. Why would anyone take me seriously if I wasn’t even respecting my personal time and business? This was when I learned about the importance of having set-in-stone Non-negotiables…

Some of my non-negotiables are:

  • Morning meditation and self-help Audios…Some people need their morning coffee but I need my zen.
  • My chill time is MY chill time. This means once a week, I give myself permission to completely unplug and relax alone or cuddle and Netflix with the Manfriend!
  • When I’m working, I’m working!. Just because my job happens to be my passion, doesn’t qualify it as a hobby. I no longer accept the random chit-chat-drama-for-your-mama phone calls that drain me. I’m present in my business, especially during the day.
  • Gotta do something cute for myself every week/day…whether that’s my nails, a wash & blow-out, a walk in nature, or purchasing some fresh flowers for my kitchen counter. Self-love is key.

It’s time to put yourself first babe, because when you fill your cup first, you’ll have plenty more flowing over to share with the world.

I’d love to know what your non-negotiables are? Share at least 1 non-negotiable in the comments below!

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