5 Reasons Why You Might Be Emotionally Eating

Are you someone who considers yourself an emotional eater? I can openly tell you that I used to be a MASSIVE emotional eating machine, and 100% of the time, I was never making the healthiest choices with what I decided to binge on.

It’s something that took me a really long time to realize, but once I did, so much began to change in my life. I began to pick apart all of my subconscious habits behind my bingeing episodes and today I’m going to share my top 3 reasons with you, in hopes that this will help you conquer your emotional eating habits too. Here are 3 Reasons Why You Might Be Emotionally Eating…


Stress used to be a huge factor for me in my emotional eating stages. I found that 80 percent of the time, a stressful day or situation would lead me to self-sabotaging habits unknowingly. After an intense and long day at work, I would somehow find myself at the nearest pizza parlour ordering the largest pizza with extra cheese, a side of chicken wings, a can of soda and even a little dessert if they offered one on the take-out menu. I would then hop into my vehicle and park my car in the most secluded corner of a random parking lot and eat all of my stresses away until all I could think about was how sick I just made myself feel. This became a habit for me, a routine when I had no other way of dealing with my emotions.


How many times have you found yourself in the kitchen, constantly opening the refrigerator, in hopes that you might find a huge snack worth of distractions? I know I have more than once. Sometimes we do this because we are trying to distract ourselves from one or two things; either something we really don’t feel like doing or something we are fearful of doing. For example, every time I would attempt to really get cracking on my business, I found myself always looking for a way out of tasks, and most times this would result in me searching around the kitchen for whatever I could eat to distract myself from what was important. I would do this even if I wasn’t hungry at all. Now looking back, I know that these habits stemmed from a place of fear of failure and unintentional self-sabotage.


One of my biggest pleasures in life was always FOOD. I was the “Foodie” in my circle of friends, and though proclaiming myself as “ The Foodie” was and still is completely fine, I found that Food now became my only pleasure in life and that is where the issue would reside. Most people associate emotional eating as eating from a place of sadness or depression, but emotions in general also include other feelings, such as excitement or happiness, and if food is the only thing in your life that seems to bring you the MOST excitement and happiness then you may want to ask yourself if this is another leeway into your emotional eating behaviours.  

Though there are many other reasons that you might be emotionally eating, these are just a few that really stood out for me during my own experiences. If you’d love to learn more about how you can overcome your emotional eating, click here to read 3 Ways To Overcome Emotional Eating.   


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