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2-Ingredient Squash Soup
One of the things that we constantly have at home as a side dish for dinner almost every night is steamed squash. Some families do a side salad for dinner, my family does steamed squash, so it is always on hand just hanging out somewhere in the refrigerator. My favourite thing to do when I get my hands on it is to turn it into a simply delicious quick comfort soup. I like to call it my Two- Ingredient Leftover Squash Soup! It’s soooo good!
  1. In a mixing bowl, add your squash and your cashew milk. Using your hand blender/Puree, blend your ingredients together until you have a smooth creamy liquid consistency.
  2. Place a pot on your stovetop at medium high heat. Pour your soup into the pot, and let it come to a hot simmer for about 3-5mins, while stirring continuously. Remove from the stove, and pour your soup into a serving bowl, top with some dried parsley if preferred and enjoy!
Recipe Notes
Note: The Cashew Milk has a natural delicious flavour and creamy texture to it,
and already contains a small amount of sea salt, so there is really no need for
any more additives to this soup. Trust me, it’s perfection!
**You will need a hand puree/blender/ or a for this recipe**
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