Sweet Chili Asparagus

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I LOVE Asparagus! It’s so good for you and when prepared the right way, it is so delicious and has true potential to be a star side dish to almost any main course. It’s packed with tons of folate, vitamin’s A/C/E & K and there is even some research out there that says it can slow down our aging process…Amaaazing right?! One of my favourite ways to make asparagus is with a little oriental flare! My Sweet Chili Pan-Fried Asparagus is going to rock your world.


–  Half Bundle of Asparagus (Rinsed)

–  1 Tsp. Maple Syrup

–  1 Pinch of black pepper

–  1 Tsp. Rice Vinegar (I use Marukan from Wal-Mart in the “International aisle”)

–  1 Tsp Soya Sauce (or coconut amino)

–  1 Tsp. Dried Chili Flakes

–  1 Small Clove of Garlic (minced)

–  1 Tsp. Olive Oil


  1. In a little sauce bowl, make your marinade by adding in your olive oil, soya sauce, rice vinegar, maple syrup, black pepper, chili flakes and minced garlic. Give it a good whisk with a fork to combine all ingredients.
  2. Now, place your asparagus in a bowl or on a plate and drizzle over your marinade. Make sure to toss your asparagus around a little to coat everything well. Let this sit for about 5mins to soak up the yummy flavours.
  3. It’s time to cook your asparagus. You can do this a few ways. You could try grilling your asparagus for about 5mins until they are at the texture you love. You can also throw them in the oven for 5-7mins on a high broil (until they develop some colour. The third option (which is what I like to do) is to sear them in a nonstick pan to brown them for about 3-5mins. Keep in mind that the marinade can make for a smoky scene in your kitchen when searing them in a non-stick pan, so make sure to sear them at a medium heat with the stove fan ON and the windows open. Serve with a slice of lemon and sprinkle with some sesame if desired. ENJOY!

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