Hey Gorgeous,

I have a list of daily practices that I truly believe create huge shifts in my life, business and my relationship with food & my body. One of my favourite practices is listening to some sort of positive audio. My go-to audio this year that I absolutely cannot get enough of is Happy Pocket Full Of Money…now if you’ve never listened OR read this book, then you DEFINITELY need to get on it.

It’s a total GAME CHANGER for every aspect of your life…and I’m not just saying that…it really is. This book will have you feeling like a Unicorn that just found rainbow water after a long-ass drought lol. 

I recently went LIVE in my private Facebook community to share what this book has taught me about energy, and how it relates to our bodies and the weight we carry. It’ll definitely make you think twice about all of that negative self-talk and thoughts you have around food and your body— and how you are literally MANIFESTING physical weight with your words! 😲 🤔 … if I’ve peaked your interested, then 2-step your way over to the Food & Body Confidence For The Mindful Boss Babe Facebook Group to watch the latest video and join the convo! Hope to see you there!! Love yah, babe!

P.S. Wanna heal your relationship with food and your body, and finally experience real freedom in your life AND BUSINESS??? YES! I said business… it’s totally all connected babe! If you’re ready to take life by the horns and finally start LIVING, then click the button below for a free no-pressure call with me…I promise, I don’t bite lol 😉 

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