3 Ways That I Broke My Emotional Eating Cycle

So now that we’ve discovered 3 Reasons Why You Might Be Emotionally Eating, it’s time to uncover a few ways to help you put an end to what some may consider, an intense roller coaster ride. In order to break a cycle in your life, it’s important to understand what gets the gears on this cycle turning in the first place. In my last article, 3 Reasons Why You Might Be Emotionally Eating , I covered 3 possible triggers, which include stress, procrastination, and “The Foodie” Excuse. Here are 3 things that has helped me break my emotional eating cycle…


  1. Using Positive Affirmations & Meditation

After realizing that stress was (and sometimes still is) an emotional eating trigger for me, I knew I had to find ways to relieve myself of stressful events in a more effective manner, other than eating my emotions away. Something that I learned how to do over time, was to create positive affirmations that I could use whenever I needed. Let’s use a rough day at work for example; one of my favourite affirmations would be something as simple as “I handled this day like a champ, and I’m looking forward to going home to a relaxing night”. Saying this simple sentence, would affirm to me that I can handle whatever the working day had to throw at me, and that it wasn’t the end-all-be-all of my day or life. It would really give me a feeling of strength. These positive affirmations lead me to find other healing activities like meditation as well. This has been so helpful to me and I honestly cannot go a day without incorporating this type of positive self-talk into my daily life.

  1. Avoiding Procrastination

I found that procrastination was something that lead me to emotional eating behaviours. I used to think that I was doing this out of boredom at first, but later realized that I was never really bored, but mostly trying to find a way out of something I didn’t feel like doing, or was maybe even anxious or fearful of doing. So I would run to my fridge or the nearest drive-thru to eat something in place of actually planting my feet into the ground to do the things I needed to accomplish. While turning my life around from these habits, I found that the best way to deal with my procrastination was to really dig deep and ask myself what it is that I needed to get done, and why I was building up so much resistance towards it. Once I could answer these questions, I was able to really hone in on how to create a clear “why” to keep myself laser focused on any goal at hand.


  1. Discovering New Joys In Life

“The Foodie”. That’s what I would constantly refer to myself as, and it almost became all that I knew myself to be. When someone would ask me about my interests, the first thing that would come to my mind was FOOD. And though I still love food, I’ve realized I also LOVE so many other things that come way before that. I love my family, my friends, meditation, yoga, working on my business, traveling, dancing, laughing and the list goes on and on. But I have truly come such a long way from simply defining myself as someone who just loves food. I constantly embrace new experiences and allow myself to truly explore what life has to offer. If I’m feeling emotional, I’ll choose mediation over a binge session, If I’m feeling sad, I will express myself over tea with a family member, and If I’m feeling happy or proud, I may even gift myself with something sentimental. Though food is still a huge part of my life, it is no longer the complete entirety of it.

I  encourage and even challenge YOU to find at least 3 new things that you might really enjoy doing. You just might be surprised at how much this life has to offer you.


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